“Janice Sloane's smart show at Phatory materializes the temporal! The work has power. Questions arise: Can skin be a receptor as well as a container? A Sloane video 're-packages' the body with deceptively simple 'costuming' and gestural movement that broadens the meaning of choreography. The work spans 20 years. The consistent freedom of expression is refreshing! I came away feeling lighter and fulfilled. What a curious thing how work that lives in the mind reaches interior, emotional spaces.” - Carol Saft

Photos: Stan Narten

ink on acid free paper
11" x 14"
digital giclee print
2" x 3"
From "Pelo" series. Hair is one of the things that remain after the body has decomposed--the more permanent of the impermanent. It is the most lasting, yet tangential part of the body. The Pelo series is a group of photos taken of large masses of grey hair. . The hair takes on mysterious forms of otherworldly creatures or human entities. One can get lost in the intricacies of the strands and enter another realm. They are vital, alive and confrontational.
india ink and acrylic on paper
11" x 14"
india ink and collage on paper
11" x 14"
vinyl masks, plastic , plastic bags, artificial hair, styrofoam, steel pins, acrylic paint, permanent marker
11" X 9" X 12"
I make head sculptures from cut up vinyl Halloween masks stuffed with plastic bags and pinned together on styrofoam heads. I think about the head and all its meanings– the magical, powerful holder of the spirit and soul, the abstracted head in African sculpture and the altered rejuvenated, sometimes disfigured face in plastic surgery.
India Ink on acid free paper
18" x 24"
lipstick and acrylic on paper
11" x 15"
lipstick on acid free paper
11" x 15"
Hoodlove is part of a series of prints derived from a private performance done during Covid quarantine in which I made lipstick prints on paper or fabric with my lips.
Not Goblin
india ink on paper
11" x 14"
UpDown (Creamhead2 - with Julie Spodek) VideoStill - See clip in VIDEO Gallery on site.
2019 - 21
HD video 1:11
UpDown is a durational private performance video documentation of a woman covered in cream jumping up and down.
Under this material she cannot see or breathe. A form of sensory deprivation. Her breath often bursts through violently. I wanted this video to have multiple readings. Each one of us has our own history, therefore we will respond differently to how we react to the movement.

This work references the notions of beauty, impermanence, confinement, struggle and transformation.
duct tape, artificial hair on acid free paper
11' x 14"
color photograph, embroidery thread
4" x 6"